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Messenger Bag Reviews

Urban Velo Monty Messenger Bag Monty Messenger Bag Monty Messenger Bag

Review / The Monty Small Roll Top Messenger Bag

"The Monty roll-top messenger bag is designed for commuters. Dubbed a “small utility bag,” it features a rolltop cargo compartment, quick-access outboard pockets and two internal zippered pockets. At 16” x 10” x 5”, the Monty is ideal for most of my daily needs. For the weekdays, I can fit a full change of clothes (including shoes) along with my lock, tools and a few small items. I like the rather simple organization options, and the double zippered internal pocket is especially nice for securing valuables. And the bag’s just big enough to do some light grocery shopping." Click here for more at Urban Velo.

Fixed Gear Gallery Shed Messenger Bag Shed Messenger Bag Shed Messenger Bag

Review / The Shed Large Roll Top Messenger Bag

"Sorry Mr. Bailey, sorry ReLoad, sorry all you old friends ... I've got a new favorite bag. The new Mission Workshop Shed at a reasonable $179 carries on the tradition of innovation and meticulous materials and construction that the Vandal and Rambler backpack-style bags represented. By thinking "out of the bag" those bags allowed new versatility and a wide range of capacities. . . Clearly,the Shed and it's smaller siblings are designed as a functional three dimensional artform and not a paper envelope. Ride safe." Click here for more at Fixed Gear Gallery.

Roll Top Backpack Reviews

Bike Rumor Vandal Backpack Vandal Backpack Vandal Backpack

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"I purchased the Mission Workshop Vandal backpack last January, and had written an initial impression review on my personal site, (just) Riding Along. Considering that I have since put thousands of miles into the bag, and started writing here at Bike Rumor, I felt that it should be revisited to see how the bag is holding up. . . Overall, I honestly love this bag, even a year later. I do not know how I would get thru my commute without it, and would repurchase it without a second thought. If you carry varying loads, or just want long haul comfort, this is the bag for you (or check out their medium sized Rambler!). Spoiler alert: It’s still awesome. Read all about it after the jump. . ." Click here for more at Bike Rumor.

Carryology Silver Vandal Backpack Silver Vandal Backpack Silver Vandal Backpack

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"This really is a great pack – one that innovates in a bunch of ways. While it’s been built with a cyclist in mind, it will still work great for climbers, surfers, dungeon masters and any number of adventure seekers as their go to backpack. Expansion and versatility are perhaps its biggest trump cards, but water-resistance, comfort and great looks all help." Click here for more at Carryology.

Fixed Gear Gallery Charcoal Rambler Backpack Charcoal Rambler Backpack Charcoal Rambler Backpack

Review / The Rambler Medium Roll Top Backpack

"After the successful introduction of their first messenger backpack, the Vandal, the folks at MissionWorkshop just had to do it again with the Rambler (I like the name Rascal better). The Rascal, oops Rambler is a bit smaller at 2700 cubic inches (or as they like to say - 10 Gallons!) when it's fully expanded. That's a big bag by any standards, but still smaller than the Vandal at an advertised capacity of 15 Gallons m(4,000 cubic inches)...... This is an extremely well made bag that will fit shorter folks best, it is waterproof, can carry a light load comfortably, and it can expand to meet most emergency needs." Click here for more on Fixed Gear Gallery.

One Less Car News Backpack front closed - OLC Review Backpack front open - OLC Review Backpack with Feedback Sports Repair Stand

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"These guys are off to a great start with their weather-proof backpack that comes in 2 sizes: medium and large, The Rambler and The Vandal respectively. I like to carry a lot and many times need to as well. And being American and all, bigger is always better, right? Right. So The Vandal was the obvious choice from the get go. The box arrived and the bag looked great (and still does!). At first look, it was definitely tall- I'm 5'10" and it stands to my knees! But it also seemed pretty compact- maybe a few inches deep. I was starting to wonder if the videos were a hoax...then I popped the clip- If evil villains carried backpacks, The Vandal would be their bag of choice. The good guys would get one too- most definitely, except they'd get the green one. It's that genius. . . ." Click here for more 1 Less Car.

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"I had been excited to try out the Vandal from the time I saw it at Interbike 09. Well, I finally got my hands on one and I couldn’t be more pleased. It has completely replaced all of my other bags from day one. When empty, the bag compresses down to a very small size and is surprisingly light. The plate that rests against the wearers back flexes to fit the contours of the waist and adds extra comfort without a lot of bulky padding. Each compartment or flap has fully taped zippers and the whole bag has a urethane coating for those rainy days. There are three flaps and one main compartment that can expand to double the volume. We loaded up a bike, various size boxes, wheels, laptops, beer and anything else we could get our hands on. . ." Click here for more on Zlog Blog.

Prolly is not probably The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"Rob and Billy at Mission Workshop hit me up a little while ago when I posted their Vandal backpack. After a few recent emails, they sent me one to test out and offer some PR&D. Usually I wait a while to post a review of a product, but my initial reaction to the bag merits a post. This thing rules; from the branding, to the compartments and even the materials they used for the bag. When I opened the box, the first thing I did was test the expansion factor . . ." Click here for more on Prolly is not Probably.

Gear Junkie The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"The best gear often comes from folks who use it themselves and know a thing or two about the manufacturing process. With aces on both counts, San Francisco’s new Mission Workshop has introduced a high-end waterproof messenger bag called the Vandal. The company, which was launched by the founders of the bag maker Chrome, is run by guys with more than 15 years experience designing and manufacturing messenger bags and clothing. The company’s name is lifted from the neighborhood it calls home, San Francisco’s Mission District . . . " Click here for more on Gear Junkie.

Acquire Magazine The Vandal Compact and Expanded The Vandal Large Expandable Cargo Pack - Black

Review / The Vandal Large Roll Top Backpack

"The original founders of Chrome have taken their years of experience in building some of the best messenger bags around to create a new company called Mission Workshop. Mission is launching their first bag, a weatherproof backpack with the versatility of a messenger and a thin profile that almost doubles in size when you need to store more gear . . . " Click here for more on Acquire.

Apparel Reviews

Bike Rumor Orion Waterproof Jacket Orion Waterproof Jacket Orion Waterproof Jacket

Review / The Orion Waterproof Jacket

"The fit is perfect for cycling: full enough for a heavy wool or synthetic shirt underneath but without any excess to flap to let in a draft. The material, Schoeller c-change, is remarkable. So far it has been completely waterproof and impervious to wind, as promised by Mission Workshop. In addition to repulsing the elements, the fabric acts as a kind of permeable membrane that mimics “a fir cone opening and closing in response to different weather conditions… Not only temperature but also air and body moisture are balanced out (” I cannot claim to have noticed this microscopic cone-action, but I have not once felt humid or overheated when wearing the Orion. Warm and dry, that’s it. . . But it’s the fit, cut just for cyclists, and the innovative fabric that make this jacket a good buy in my mind. . ." Click here for more at NYC Velo.

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