Weatherproof Bags & Technical Apparel

Mission Workshop jackets are designed to help you cover the most ground possible. MW outerwear utilizes Swiss Schoeller Fabric and are made in Canada.

Waterproof and windproof jackets available

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Watch the Orion and Bosun Video.
Arkiv Field Pack

The R2 series is slim and adaptable. Equipped with two Arkiv rails for a multitude of carry options in a minimalist design.

Currently available in black and olive waxed canvas.

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arkiv field backpack
arkiv field backpack
arkiv field backpack
arkiv field backpack

The Orion

Waterproof Cycling Jacket

The Bosun

Merino Wool Jacket

The Torre

Merino Wool Hoodie

The Eiger

AP SERIES // Waterproof Field Jacket

The Trigger

Riding Jacket

The Faroe

Merino Wool Pullover

The Gobi

Winter-Weight Merino Wool Beanie

The Sanction

1,000 cu.in. (16 L) Rucksack

The Fitzroy

2,200 cu.in. (36 L) Rucksack

The Rambler

1,350 cu.in. (22 L) to 2,700 cu.in. (44 L) Backpack

The Vandal

1,800 cu.in. (29 L) to 4,000 cu.in. (65 L) Backpack

R2 Arkiv Field Pack

1,250 cu.in. (20 L) without accesories.

R6 Arkiv Field Pack

2 Sizes (2,500 cu.in/40L & 1,250 cu.in/20L)

The Monty

1,300 cu.in. (21 L) Roll Top Messenger Bag

The Rummy

1,650 cu.in. (27 L) Roll Top Messenger Bag

The Shed

2,100 cu.in. (35 L) Roll Top Messenger Bag

VX Monty Messenger Bag

1,300 cu.in. (21 L) Capacity

VX Rummy Messenger Bag

1,650 cu.in. (27 L) Capacity

VX Shed Messenger Bag

2,100 cu.in. (35 L) Capacity