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Bicycle Coffee Co. in San Francisco

Bicycle Coffee Co.

Provided by Bicycle Coffee
Every Friday 9am-5pm

Bicycle Coffee is all about delivering great-tasting coffee by bicycle. Their coffee is always organic, fair-trade, and packaged in compostable bags. They deliver freshly roasted bags of coffee to offices, grocery stores, and cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mission Workshop has dedicated part of our space for Bicycle Coffee to invite people to try their coffee, pick up a bag, and to meet the crew, if they aren't out delivering.

Drip cones and bags of coffee available for purchase.

Check out their site: www.bicyclecoffeeco.com

The Fitzroy Rucksack

Helping deliver coffee in
San Francisco and Oakland

We followed around the guys at Bicycle Coffee Co. for a couple days. Watching the whole process, from green beans going into their small-batch roaster all the way to the delivery of freashly roasted coffee to hotels and cafes. The footage represents how our bags fit into their cycling-oriented delivery method.

Learn more about The Fitzroy Rucksack.

Brad Butler

Talks about the origin and purpose of Bicycle Coffee

In June 2009, Brad Butler traveled with his 3 cousins through the jungles of Panama with the goal of building that sustainable living community in the form of an Eco-Village. Through his journey, Brad discovered cooperative coffee farming and focused on bringing those practices back to the United States. Once there, he and his family began roasting cooperatively grown coffee on stove-top popcorn poppers. Today, Bicycle Coffee delivers their fresh roasted beans to more than 250 businesses in the Bay Area.