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Carhartt WIP + Pelago + Mission Workshop

Back in 2013, a group from Carhartt WIP’s skate team took a trip to the island of Fuerteventura to do little more than skate and bike for a week. It wasn’t exactly an ordinary vacation. The idea was to source ex-skaters turned-bike-makers to build them something specifically for their tour. The only catch was that the builders had to come along for the ride


One of the team members had a connection to the guys at Pelago and the Helsinki based bike builders were excited to join in. Together they took an abandoned frame they found chained to a post, hacked it free and repurposed it as the base for a new custom bike. The trip was a success—no one died—and the rest is history.


The trip ultimately inspired a collection based around cycling with Carhartt WIP, Pelago and Mission Workshop all collaborating on the project. The collection consists of a single-speed porteur bike developed to be reliable and easy-to-handle. Its toolbox-green color gives a nod to classic workmanship. A roll top cargo bag that attaches to the front bike rack and can also be worn over the shoulder or used as a traditional duffle bag. A rugged work coat was updated with a cycling friendly fit, water resistant fabrics and various other features geared to keep you warm and comfortable on or off the saddle. Caps, a mechanics apron, water bottle and a riding tee with reflective hits rounds out the collection.

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