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The Styraman water resistant wool Jacket by Advanced Projects - A Division of Mission Workshop.
Backpacks Weatherproof Packs and Rucksacks. Mission Workshop's weatherproof backpack line is versatile, adept, and eager to carry your life. All MW bags are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Modular Bags: The Arkiv Field Packs allow for the secure attachment of weatherproof accessories to the exterior of the bag. Expandable Cargo Packs:The Rambler and Vandal cargo packs double in capacity when needed.Learn more with Mission Workshop videos.
Messenger Bags Weatherproof Roll Top Bags. Mission Workshop messenger bags feature a weatherproof roll top main compartment which can be used in either the roll top mode, or in the traditional configuration. The padded shoulder strap includes custom aluminum hardware that allows for one-handed on the fly strap adjustment. All shoulder straps are easily swappable for left or right shoulder configurations.Made in USA with a lifetime warranty.
Technical Apparel Mission Workshop apparel is designed to help you cover the most ground possible. MW outerwear utilizes Swiss waterproof-breathables, Merino wool, and military spec. 4-way stretch woven fabric from the USA.
Technical Headwear. Mission Workshop headwear is designed to keep you comfortable in all conditions. Our headwear utilizes, Peruvian alpaca, merino wool, cotton ripstop, and nylon mesh. From cold to hot, the collection has you covered for the ever changing elements.
Mission Workshop Collections -Arkiv Field Pack with High Tenacity Fabric and Interchangeable Hardware
high tenacity fabric
Modular Field Pack
interchangeable hardware
Field Tests Research & Development We send our products on rigorous field tests around the world. These trips inform our design process, test materials and techniques, and ultimately inform what we produce. These tests are not held in a lab, but rather experiences that drive us to create gear that allows maximum enjoyment in the elements. We know we're a small piece of your big picture, but we'll do what we can to get you farther, faster and back.
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