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Advanced Projects Series Bags and Apparel

About Advanced Projects

Small batch, limited run products

The Mission Workshop AP Series is a glimpse into the underbelly of Mission Workshop R&D. This is the place where we cut, bend, smash, and burn anything that might reveal a path to a better product. This is where we don't try to be different, just better.

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Firmament Berlin

EU Dealer Feature:
Advanced Projects Gear in Germany

On October 27th we celebrated the official European launch of our Advanced Projects collection with Firmament Berlin. Thanks to everyone at Firmament for hosting a great tequila party Berlin style! Not only do they throw great parties, they also have the most complete collection of Advanced Projects gear in Europe (shipping included). Visit them in Berlin or online.

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Launch & Install Photo Slideshow
Hardware Manufacturing

Overview Video

A short film showcasing the processes behind the manufacturing of Mission Workshop's hardware found on our messenger bags and backpacks.

Watch the Hardware Manufacturing Video