Arkiv Field Pack

The R2 backpack is slim and adaptable. Equipped with two Arkiv rails for a multitude of carry options in a minimalist design.

Currently available in black and olive waxed canvas.

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Arkiv Field Pack

With an arsenal of accessories to choose from the R6 backpack is ready to travel.

Equipped with six Arkiv rails and available in two sizes.

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VX / R8
Arkiv Field Pack

The VX / R8 Advanced Projects Edition Field Pack is equipped with eight Arkiv rails and allows for the maximum amount of carry options and arrangements.

Available in 1000 denier VX Cordura ripstop; an exceptionally durable barrier to the elements.

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arkiv field backpack
arkiv field backpack
On the Road with TYCHO
On The Road With TYCHO

In Association with FILTER Magazine

We went on tour with San Francisco audio/visual artist Tycho, to capture one of the most rigorous scenarios for our gear. In an effort to make the travels more tolerable, we outfitted Tycho with full sets of bags and apparel for each of the band members. The documentation of the travel between the shows and snapshots Tycho’s live performance captured just prior to the 2014 Awake tour, became a photo collection we call, Lucid. Check out the video, 36-page tour book, and project photos on the story page.

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