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Mission Workshop X Carryology

Mars Project Backpack
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Color:Black Ultra
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Introducing the Mission Workshop X Carryology Mars Project Backpack. A limited-edition collaborative project between Mission Workshop and Carryology inspired by our work over the years with NASA.

This project can trace its origins to 2016 when we began making backpacks for NASA’s BASALT and Desert RATs teams. The packs were designed to carry specialized communication equipment and built to survive the brutal conditions in the testing grounds of volcanic environments where acid rain, heat and ash would destroy a normal backpack.

For this special Carryology collaboration we were challenged to create the best everyday carry travel pack possible while staying true to the design, construction, and inspiration around the NASA packs.

- All external pockets, accessory pouches, and main compartment are fully weatherproof and can be deployed in all conditions for unlimited duration.

- The pack is constructed from Challenge Ultra 400 and EPX 70 fabrics. We believe these to be the strongest fabrics on earth.

- YKK urethane coated Aquaguard zippers throughout.

- Fully adjustable backpack harness to fit all body types.

- Easy access front panel and roll-top access to the main compartment.

- Aluminum stays for load stability and carry.

- Internal and external organization pockets.

- Easy access external zippered weatherproof laptop compartment.

The Mars Project Backpack is Arkiv compatible and can accommodate any of the accessories below to expand capacity and functionality. In addition, each pack comes with two collaboration patches by artist Dan Matsuda.

Use the examples below to compare features of the suggested bundles and make your selection in the cart above or build your own by choosing the Solo bag option above and adding individual accessories as needed.


The base bag without accessories is a totally self sufficient workhorse for everyday carry or travel. Features two weatherproof easy access external zippered pockets plus a waterproof zippered external laptop compartment. Internal organization is achieved via three stretch mesh gear pockets plus one internal zippered stretch mesh pocket.

Kit 1

Pairs all of the features of the base bag with a waterproof external Folio that includes two weatherproof zippered pockets and pen slots.

Kit 2

Pairs all of the features of the base bag with a waterproof external Folio and two waterproof Side-Roll pouches. The Folio accessory includes two weatherproof zippered pockets and pen slots. The weatherproof Side-Roll pouches are equipped with easy access Fidlock magnetic V-buckle closures.

Kit 3

Pairs all of the features of the base bag with a waterproof external Folio and two waterproof Side-Zip pouches. The Folio accessory includes two weatherproof zippered pockets plus pen slots. The weatherproof Side-Zip pouches are equipped with easy access YKK urethane coated zippers.

Comfort and Breathability


Articulated back panel harness is fully adjustable and can be sized to fit any body type for comfort and stability.


Front load / top load

The main compartment can be easily accessed from the weatherproof front zippered clamshell opening or via the roll-top closure. The main compartment features two internal stretch mesh water bottle holders, mesh gear loft, and a zippered mesh pocket.

Padded Laptop Compartment

The external waterproof padded laptop compartment fits up to a 16" MacBook Pro. The base of the laptop compartment is raised above the bottom of the bag creating a false bottom so that your laptop never comes in contact with the floor.

Luggage Handle Pass Through

The lumbar pad creates a heavy-duty luggage handle pass through that allows the pack to remain in a vertical orientation when paired with rolling luggage.

Velcro Patches

With a history dating back to 1892, A-B Emblem has been the sole creator of patches for all NASA missions since the 1960s, creating the very first NASA patch (“the meatball”) and all patches that have flown in the Apollo missions, the Space Shuttles, on the surface of the moon, and soon to be on the surface of Mars. Two different patches designed by Dan Matsuda himself, and produced by the exclusive maker of NASA patches in Weaverville, North Carolina.

Aluminum Stays

Made from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and low weight. Custom laser etched collab graphics and special carry-orange anodizing.

We’re so grateful to Carryology and all of our customers for your support of this project and others over the years. We are also honored to have been able to contribute in a small way to the mission of Nasa and the most human of all earthly endeavors, exploration. We look forward to continuing our efforts in support of science, knowledge, and education.

Thank you!
Mission Workshop

How this project came to be

Through the years 2016-2024


In 2016 Mission Workshop was selected to design a backpack in support of the NASA Basalt Project. The Basalt Project is dedicated to mapping and exploring the surface of Mars. Training for this is conducted using simulated EVA missions and sample collection in lava fields in various locations on Earth.

team colors

NASA basalt EVA pack

The Nasa Basalt EVA backpack design is finalized and deployed in the field. The backpack is utilized for training and research purposes by multiple teams from Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers.

Simulated EVA


Nasa deploys scientists, engineers, and astronauts to lava fields in Idaho, Hawaii, and Iceland for training missions. These multi-year missions are dedicated to perfecting communication, navigation, and sample collection on the surface of Mars.

Desert RATS (research and technology studies)

NASA ARTEmis Rover

Design and construction of backpacks in support of surface navigation research and training with the NASA Artemis moon rover.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA astronauts Akihiko Hoshide and Norishige Kanai, and JAXA expert Naofumi Ikeda joined NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Stan Love and NASA engineer Sarah Shull, in driving a pressurized rover over the course of three days. Crews of two rotated through living and operating out of the pressurized rover, including conducting simulated moonwalks and sample collection in preparation for future moon landings.